ECBAT News Brief for May 2017

The members of the Eudunda Community Business and Tourism committee (ECBaT) have for some time been discussing how they can have a higher profile in the community and have a greater community involvement at their meetings.

Part of their strategy has been to have regular reports in the Leader Newspaper and to also have reports via electronic media with the Southern Goyder Newsletter and on our website, and social media. All community groups are encouraged to send information to Peter Herriman who publishes the Newsletter, social media and web articles please phone 088 1200 540 to arrange this. You can also use the web form on this website

Last month ECBaT provided a free afternoon tea for volunteers to acknowledge their work in the community and to say thank you to them. Unfortunately this was not well attended on the day but ECBaT is still well aware of the many, many hours of volunteer work that go into our community by dedicated and hard working people.
This article is ECBaT’s praise to our districts volunteers.

The Regional Council of Goyder has approved funding for a number of security cameras to be installed in the town to assist with the reporting of vandalism and other unsocial behaviour in the town gardens and other areas. Vandalism is not only costly, but very disheartening for those volunteers who put in so much time and effort to beautifying our community.

This year Eudunda is host for the Swann Insurance 24 Hour Motor Bike Reliability Trial and the sporting clubs are looking for extra volunteers to help them over the weekend of 8th & 9th of July. This event brings many people into our community and while they are here they spend money and support local businesses. In addition, Eudunda gets State and National promotion through the media. If you can help in any way please contact a member of the sporting clubs. You can read more on the Eudunda web portal

The Community Hub has had a dedicated group of volunteers working very hard to get their premises at the council depot ready for use. They are close to having an opening so watch for this and if you would like to help or be a part of the Community Hub contact Julie Mathews at the Post Office. The donation of so much equipment has been greatly appreciated by the organising group.

Another dedicated ECBaT volunteer group is the South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Committee who have chosen the theme of ‘Yesterday’ for 2017. The August Exhibition will have its grand opening on Friday night of the 4th August. The exhibition will remain open over that weekend, the 5th & 6th. The event has been well supported in previous years with locals producing fantastic works of art and many visitors enjoying it. For the event to succeed this year the committee ask that people start work on their projects now. If you want more details please contact Margaret Doecke on 0458 900 655. Find the flier on the Southern Goyder Calendar which is another community resource by ECBaT.