ECBAT – What is it? What does it do?

The Eudunda Community, Business & Tourism Committee (ECBAT) is made up of 5 Community and 5 Business Representatives elected from the Regional Council of Goyder’s Eudunda Ward.

Additionally there are many other volunteers in various “Sub Committees” who work on their own special areas of interest and expertise to help make this region a great place to “Live, Work and Play”.

The Sub committees benefit from ECBAT by being covered under ECBAT’s Insurance (a major cost these days) and also ECBAT’s support where possible. The Sub Committees report back to ECBAT at their committee meetings on activities and expenses etc.

The Sub committees are very quiet achievers. They don’t like to “Brag” about what they do, and it is often left up to ECBAT to do that for them. They deserve great accolades as the work they do is so valuable to making this community the great one it is.
(in fact over the years, even ECBAT has not always been proactive in telling people of the things that we have achieved or are doing now, that is why we now have this website, to try keep you informed).

These are ECBAT’s Current Sub Committees:

  • Eudunda Hall & Catering Committee
  • Eudunda Street Party Committee
  • Eudunda Gardens Committee
  • Eudunda Caravan Park Committee

An Important place to keep an eye on is the Regional Council of Goyder’s
Council Agendas & Minutes
here you can find out what the latest dealings with Council are,
As well as look back to previous meetings (going as far back as 2014 at the time of listing here)