Eudunda – Why not come and visit?

Eudunda – In the middle of the tourist regions of

  • The Barossa Valley.
  • Clare Valley.
  • The Riverland.
  • Burra & Kapunda Historic Mining areas.


  • Stop and check out what to do in the district or beyond at our “Visitor Information Service” (in the main street). Proudly maintained by the Eudunda Community, Business & Tourism Committee (ECBAT) and the room proudly donated by Professionals Kapunda/Eudunda 08 8566 2127.
  • And you can drive this way to the famous and beautiful Finder’s Ranges and the Outback or stop in on the way back from these beautiful areas.
  • If you are travelling between these regions, consider coming through Eudunda and the Region of Southern Goyder for a look at some of our history or the beautiful hills and views.
  • Enjoy our award winning parks and gardens which are lovingly looked after by a very dedicated group of volunteers.
    You can spend hours here alone, looking at all the history tiles, while the kids play in the covered playground or the “Kids Scrub” area.
  • Have a break with Colin Thiele’s Sculpture in our lovely gardens (featured in television articles and books).
  • Look at our Centenary of Federation tribute to Transport in the last 100 years with hundreds of ceramic tiles by local residents and children depicting this theme on the shelter – erected for the celebration. (this is also in our gardens – next to Colin Thiele’s sculpture).
  • Visit our Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery – unique in Australia, for it’s “Family Heritage” records  along with fascinating displays of all the local memorabilia.
  • Climb our lookout and see a beautiful view around Eudunda and panoramic views around the district.
  • Seek out our other lookouts for more spectacular views – some are 360 degrees of wonder looking out as far as the River Murray Cliffs on a clear day.
  • Visit our Native Animals, Kangaroos & Emus, opposite our award winning Eudunda Area School – a must for young and old alike.
  • Stay at our great Pubs or Motel and meet the locals or just ‘bend an elbow’ with a refreshing drink after you have enjoyed our scenery or played sport.
  • Have a bite to eat including some delicious German style cakes and more at our Local award winning Eudunda Bakery and shops.
  • Our Roadhouse is open early and late to help those travelling through with fuel, food and drink who are running outside normal business hours.
    Eudunda Roadhouse – Ph: (08) 8581 1061 for Delicious Food, Fuel, Auto Gas, BBQ Gas, Ice & Drinks, Dine-in or Take-away Food including Hot Chips and chicken.
  • The Foodland Supermarket is open extended hours 7 days a week – allowing you to stock up with fresh supplies.
  • We have room in our street for Caravan, Bus and Semi parking close to all facilities.
  • The Light Hotel, right in the heart of Eudunda is now a popular RV parking facility and dump point.
  • Or just come for a relaxing time and friendly service.
  • Come and share some sport with the locals, we have something to suit your tastes:
    • Aussie Rules Football
    • Basketball
    • Cricket
    • Golf – (our golf course has been described as the ‘Little St’ Andrews of the North’ as it is set in the beautiful hills above Eudunda)
    • Hiking/Walking/Riding – (there are many local trails including the popular, longer
      Lavender Federation Walking Trail, which connects to the Heysen Trail just west of Robertstown. The Mawson Trail  also runs close by.
    • Netball
    • Lawn Bowls
    • Swimming – (swim in a heated pool – open during the Summer).
    • Shooting – (you will need appropriate licenses and permission from Land Holders).
    • Tennis
    • Darts and Snooker & 8 Ball
    • Road &
      Trail bike riding.
      • You can ride for a very long time on the back roads, not
        seeing a soul, ride with some mates to be safe.
      • We are home to the famous and unique ‘24hr Reliability Trial
        motorcycle trial.
      • We have some of the best road bike riding anywhere, with
        good clean roads, light traffic and great open corners.
    • We also have the Walky 100 Car Rally in the district yearly.
  • Spectacular Winter views with the greens, brilliant yellows and purples hugging to the hills and valleys.
  • Spectacular Summer views with various browns and yellows, blue distant hills, and mallee greens.

Who is ECBAT?

The Eudunda Community, Business and Tourism Committee (ECBAT) started in 2001 after the amalgamation of several local councils merged to form (what was called at the time “Super Councils” after a directive from the State Government of the time. In Eudunda at that time the Eudunda Business & Tourism Association Inc. (EBTA) and the Eudunda Community Management Committee (CMC) merged to form an organisation representing the area with the title Eudunda Community, Business and Tourism Committee (ECBAT). Our ABN is 29 808 413 830

ECBAT’s role is to represent the local community and businesses interests taking into consideration tourism as well at a Eudunda Ward level to the local Council which is the Regional Council of Goyder, based at Burra, and has a branch office here in Eudunda.

The committee is made up of

  • 5 Members representing the Community
  • 5 Members representing the Businesses.

These members are elected at the Annual AGM.

Mission Statement

Eudunda Business & Tourism Association Inc (Trading as Eudunda Community Business & Tourism Association Inc – ECBAT).
ECBAT work to support our belief that Eudunda is a great place to work, live and play. To grow this theme we work with the Regional Council of Goyder, businesses and other Organisations raising funds and creating projects to improve local facilities & attractions, and to support and encourage local businesses, clubs & organisations to prosper.

As a “Not For Profit” Organisation ECBAT has achieved some fantastic benefits for the district in the last 20 years.