Employment opportunity – unskilled roles in remote parts of Australia

Please note these job roles will require people to work away for 3 – 4 weeks at a time, so are not suitable for everyone.

Specific requirements include:

Must be vaccinated
Must have drivers lic (4WD experience would be useful but not necessary)
Be able to pass police clearance
Physically fit (and able to pass drug and alcohol test and a medical)
Work within a team environment (3-5 people travel at a time – so they live as a gang)
Able to cope in remote parts of Australia (trips not necessarily just within SA)
Able to cope being out of contact with family (often only have 1 satellite phone on site)
Must be able to communicate confidently and effectively (so good language skills and able to record info on laptop or written report)

They need 2 people immediately but looking to recruit 5 people.

Salary rate of $30 per hour (casual rate)

Other details included below or in attached. Enquiries and applications can be made to Trish, details below:

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Ph: 0408-744-827

Job TitleField Assistant
Job OverviewSupporting survey technicians who are conducting geophysical surveys, mostly for mining companies.

These people will be helping to lay electrical cables n a survey quadrant for the technicians to measure what is below the surface.

Employment TypeCasual

No specific rotation, depends on contracts won.

Can be onsite for up to 4 weeks at a time (sometimes less).

Pay$30 per hour flat rate for all hours worked (travel time paid too)
CompanyZonge Engineering and Research Organisation


Anticipated Start DateMid/late April, to be confirmed – but pretty much as soon as we have a team assembled
Pre-requisitesDrivers Licence

Clean Police Check

Able to pass a Medical exam including drug & alcohol testing

Must be comfortable being at a remote site for sometimes up to 4 weeks at a time as a member of a small team.  Sometimes need to be self-sufficient, ie cooking meals, sleeping in camp/tents.

Physically fit and willing and able to:

– dig holes and carry/lay electrical cables for technicians

– walk long distances in a day (up to 10kms per day laying cables in survey quadrant).

Skills/certificates that are advantageous, but can be obtained during employmentFirst Aid / CPR

Fire Extinguisher Training

4WD experience

Electrical Permit  (DOCEP)

Additional infoEach team has a Team Leader.

Travel logistics coordinated by Team Leader and Adelaide based Operations Manager.

Induction, including job specific training is provided a the Melrose Park site.

Must be willing to work long days, when on site they work when the conditions are good, and because there is little else to do. They are paid for hours worked.

As they can be very remote at times, often work 6 or 7 days a week; clients sometimes approves a day off, that day off may be paid at 7.5 hours per day to compensate for the fact employees can not go anywhere due to remote location.

Existing team demographics:

  • diverse, culturally, age and some gender mix
  • some ex-mining sector staff
  • some students.

The key considerations are:

  • employee’s health – physical work, rough conditions, remote
  • employee’s mental health – remote locations, absent from home for up to 4 weeks at a time, with limited communication at times (sometimes sat phone access only).

ADDITIONAL INFO IN THIS PDF – Field Assistant Job Description 2103

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