ECBAT News Brief for September 2018

Guest Speaker

ECBAT invited Glen Roberts, the Regional Council of Goyder’s (RCOG) new Tourism, Arts, & Heritage Development Officer as a guest speaker for this month’s meeting.

Glen explained that his position a combination of several portfolios and what it involves. Glen is looking forward to working with ECBAT and is keen to have use tell him what we need and want to do, so we can work together with him. We wish Glen all the best in this position. It was encouraging to have several ‘tourism’ operators present be able to meet Glen as well.

ECBAT Sept 2018 Meeting Visitors

L-R: Trevor Mathews (ECBAT Chairperson), Glen Roberts (RCOG Tourism, Arts, & Heritage Development Officer), Andy Riemekasten (Eudunda Ward Nominee) & Debbie Hibbert (Eudunda Ward Nominee).

Eudunda Ward Nominees Attend ECBAT
The ECBAT Committee were also pleased to have two nominees for Eudunda Ward Council at the meeting. Congratulations to Detlef Riemekasten (Andy) and ECBAT Committee Member Debbie Hibbert for putting their hand up to represent the community at Council level.

From an ECBAT point of view it is important to have councillors willing to attend ECBAT and work with our committee, and vice vera; as ECBAT represent our Businesses and the Community and we look forward to establishing good lines of communication with the Council.

Council Elections, the schedule published on the RCOG website indicates that:
Mail out of Voting Materials, Mon 22nd – Friday 26th October, 2018
Close of Voting, 5pm Friday 9th November, 2018
ECBAT urge all eligible voters to do their research, seek out their nominees and to vote for those who will represent them best as Council and Regional level.

Grant Application Success ECBAT’s application to the The Department of Sport and Rec; Sport & Rec Grant for improvements at the Eudunda Swimming Pool have been granted. We are awaiting paperwork to arrive to formalise acceptance of the grant. The Regional Council of Goyder is additionally funding $12,500 from Sport and Rec Ward Funding and $12,500 from Capital Projects to complete the work

Housing Subdivision ECBAT has written to Council Development Office Planning Officer, and will follow up. ECBAT has indeed been lucky to have Robertstown Ward Councillor John Neal sit in on many of our meetings, and he was able to explain Council’s and EPA’s current position on the Subdivision which seems stalled waiting on EPA feedback.

Tidy Towns Judging Judging will commence soon. Town residents will be judged automatically, but Rural Residents need to let ECBAT know – so tidy up and be in it. One thing to note is that if you won last year – you can’t win this year.

Costings sought for Information Bay – As ECBAT go ahead with rejuvenating the Gunn Street Information Bay a crucial step is to find a cost effective signwriter, and an economic sign cost, as well as flexible presentation. Part of the development is to have historic photos of the town and area, to make the bay attractive and to ‘invite’ people to come down into the town. It is inspiring to see that work has finally started on planting the area.