ECBAT News Brief for February 2018

The ECBaT members were pleased to hear that a short term solution has been found for the watering system in the town gardens. The mains water has now been temporarily connected to allow the watering of more sections of the garden by the volunteers during the dry and warm weather. Council is continuing to work with the EPA and SA Water to resolve the issues of not be able to use the reclaimed water in the gardens.

Caravan Park Full - 4 there end of February 2018 - photo Steve Wegener
Caravan Park Full – 4 there end of February 2018 – photo Steve Wegener

The caravan park is continuing to have occupants and to date has had an occupancy rate of over 40% which is higher than expected by the committee. Flyers were printed and taken by volunteers to the Caravan & Camping show at the Wayville Showgrounds to hand out and advertise Eudunda’s new caravan park.

The Council has agreed to extend the swim season at the Eudunda pool again this season at the request of ECBaT. In future years the requested extended closing date will become the regular date so that we do not have to make a special request to council each year. ECBaT will also again be seeking funding for a pool cover, disabled entry/exit to pool and various other amenities for around the pool facilities.

The committee is preparing a list of eight items to present to council as part of the Regional Council of Goyder Master plan. At the January meeting the council CEO and Barb Launer the Community Engagement Officer spoke to the ECBaT committee about the 15yr plan that council preparing over the whole of Goyder.

It was satisfying to read that the AGM of the Christmas Party Committee was successful, with new members putting up their hands to help in the coming year. The past group have worked very hard and from money raised at last year’s Christmas Party they have donated towards the town gardens to assist with lighting, power and possible security cameras.

The Information Shelter in the top carpark was discussed as to how it can be updated. There are several businesses that need to be removed as they are no longer here. The question was raised as to how this area could be put to better use and ECBaT would appreciate any feedback from the community. One idea was to make it more of a history information area with old photos of the town and surrounding area.