News about Bruce Street Parking

14th April 2017
The Regional Council of Goyder (RCOG) will address the Bruce Street Parking again at the next General Council meeting for 18th April 2017.

Some concerned Eudunda residents will attend the meeting to hear what Councillors have to say and what decision they make about the Bruce St parking.

You can check the meeting agenda at

Hints: You may need to set your browser scaling to 100% to read the document better (although you may need to ‘scale to fit’ for some landscape items if you wish to read them), also.
Use the Page number at bottom right of page to navigate to the relevant reference.

First scroll to page 6  – section of agenda 10.4 – Showing the March Meeting decision to defer until further advice received.

Then find more Information read in the Agenda  on page 30 to 34 which Councillors have been given to make their decision.

The public are welcome to attend Council meetings. Note that you will not be able to speak or address the meeting unless invited to do so. Attending meetings is actually quite interesting.

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