New Improved ECBAT Business Listing

The Eudunda Community, Business and Tourism Committee (ECBAT), represent our local businesses as a united front to local government and state and federal governments. The Committee is made up of 50% representation of Business Members, and 50% Community Members.

One of the many things ECBAT do for the community is support our local businesses by continuing to promote the importance of ‘Shopping Locally’ .

‘The Benefits of Shopping Locally’

This can vary greatly, from filling the car up, buying the weekly groceries, or just racing up the street to get a loaf of bread, something to read or some material for your project. Sometimes the purchases may be less frequent, spoiling yourself to a chat with friends over a coffee or a night out for a meal,  buying new tyres. There are times it might be a very much one off event, such as designing your home extension or putting in some paving or getting your car fixed after a bingle.

Whatever you do we hope you can find a local trades-person, or shop who can fulfill your requirements, because if you can, you will be reaping hidden returns that only a close knit community who look after each other can provide.

‘Help Keep Businesses and Jobs Local’

Your local purchases, will help keep those businesses local, it might be a family business or one that employs people. It is hoped that business and their employees will also support the community, buying local. The benefit is in keeping jobs local, keeping our young people local, as best we can, and you will save in the end too, as it costs more every time you shop out of the district. Having local business, especially ones that can employ young people has the effect of helping our local clubs be active and competitive and the schools vibrant and progressive.

‘Local Businesses Donate Back to the Community’

It might not be a surprise that local businesses are the ones that regularly donate goods, cash, services and support, whatever they can to the local sporting clubs and organisations for them to run the various events and things many of us take for granted as being part of our great country life. If we do not support out local businesses, they will not be able to support your favourite club, association, sport or event.

‘ECBAT Can Help By Promoting Local Businesses’

ECBAT are always keen to have businesses join as members, and to help promote our current business members we have redeveloped the ECBAT Business Members listing to look more attractive, and highlight our Business Members more.

You might have also noticed we have rotating banners on some of our local websites highlighting our ECBAT Business Members, you can see two such items on the right column of this website.

If you are a local business and want to be part of this ‘business community’ – contact ECBAT, ask what benefits you will get and how important it is to work together – and work with us – contact Secretary here

Check out the New ECBAT Business Members Listing here…