Eudunda Ward Currently Under Represented At Council

Goyder Representation Review Makes Suggestions On How To Level Representation of Electors Up.

Goyder Representation Review advert
Goyder Representation Review advert

The title of the web page on the RCOG website states
Have your say – Representation Review Options Paper | Goyder Regional Council
and ‘Council wants your view!’ (26th November 2020).

The web page did not include a link to the actual important document.
this is the link.
Representation Options Paper – ELECTOR REPRESENTATION REVIEW – November 2020
Note that the link may not be available later if the Council website changes.
(active at 11/12/20)

When examining the document things become clearer
as to it’s importance for Eudunda Ward Rate Payers,
so please take time to read it.

You might like to read a local view
Urging you to take action
and read the review and if you feel you have something to say
to make a submission to Council
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