Eudunda Heavy Vehicle Bypass New Proposal

The Regional Council of Goyder have recently posted the latest news about the Eudunda Heavy Vehicle Bypass which caused major community concern, when it was originally proposed at the Public Forum on the 15th February 2016 by Council that the B-Doubles should be routed through the Main ‘Bruce Street’ of Eudunda.

That community meeting was well attended, with many speaking in opposition to the proposal. There were also good suggestions as to alternative routes. At the time the Council was concerned wanting to take the least costly alternative of the three suggested.

The Council took the overwhelming message on board that the community was vehemently opposed to heavy vehicles coming through the main shopping precinct of Bruce Street and worked on developing alternative ideas with the help of local suggestions.


Regional Council of Goyder – Eudunda Heavy Vehicle Bypass – SA

This upgrade results from feedback provided during the 90 Day Project ‘Improving Road Transport for the Agriculture Industry’ which aimed to identify road transport efficiency gains for primary producers.

This project has identified important opportunities to improve the efficiency of the State’s agriculture sector and is already delivering significant benefits.

An important outcome for the Mid North is the commencement of works on the Eudunda heavy vehicle town bypass, including upgraded route access to the Viterra silo and bunker sites.

This project is funded from the Freight Access Road Upgrade (Last Mile) program, which was announced by the State Government as part of the December 2015 mid-year budget review.

The project will remove the current ‘missing link’ in the 26m B-double access network and will link the Worlds End Highway to the Thiele Highway.

The works will include:

  • a new road link to extend Three Chain Road to Thiele Highway,
  • a new junction at Thiele Highway,
  • a modified junction at Thiele Highway / South Terrace / Viterra silo access, and
  • minor junction improvements along the route to the Viterra bunker site.

DPTI has engaged with the Regional Council of Goyder to undertake the works, which are expected to commence in early February 2017 and be completed by the end of June 2017.

Residents can provide comments on this project via the Regional Council of Goyder website.

The 90 Day project is a collaboration between Primary Industries and Regions SA and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, and Primary Producers SA.

Eudunda Heavy Vehicle Bypass proposed by Council 3rd Nov 2016
Eudunda Heavy Vehicle Bypass proposed by Council 3rd Nov 2016

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ECBAT is still working hard to convince Council that the public are adamant that parking in the main street – Bruce Street should not be changed.