ECBAT Working With Council Staff – To Improve Local Tourism & Promotion

ECBAT Tourism Promotion Meeting 11th May 2023
ECBAT Tourism Promotion Meeting 11th May 2023

The Eudunda Community, Business and Tourism Committee (ECBAT) have since its formation as a sub-committee under the Regional Council of Goyder (RCOG) to represent the community of Eudunda have continually been working with Councilors and Council Staff to improve the Eudunda Ward and this includes tourism and promotion of the township and region.

Recently the latest ECBAT Tourism Sub-committee of Neil Nicholson, Bob Dabrowsky (ECBAT Chairperson), Mel Zerner (ECBAT Community Volunteer) and Peter Herriman have met with Judy Partington (Eudunda Ward Councilor) and Marie O’Dea (RCOG Tourism & Events Coordinator) and Barb Button (RCOG Community Engagement Officer).

Mel Zerner has been doing great work for the region interfacing local businesses and community with the influx of businesses and workers who have come to the region to work on various alternative energy projects.
Read his latest report – Renewable Energy Projects Update Report – 30th April 2023 From Mel.

Recently Mel has expanded his interest in helping ECBAT by examining current tourism & promotion efforts and how they may be improved, as he is well aware that they are key drivers to supporting local businesses and the community in general to be sustainable. This was combined with further information gathered from ECBAT members to produce an initial discussion paper.

Eudunda is situated in the middle of some major tourist towns & regions in the mid north of SA, making us well positioned to be part of the tourism boom and certainly in recent years we have seen a rise in tourist visitation and participation which has been encouraging. How can it be cultivated and improved?

Overal the working document was filled with many points, 4 pages worth to be exact.

From Mel’s major topics of what we are looking at were :
(end backets are the number of points noted for each section, only major points counted below – note that some of these have multiple sections within each point – not counted here)

  • What are the main tourist attractions in eudunda & districts? (things to do) (22)
  • What are the major local events? (events to go to) (16)
  • Where can people buy food & drinks etc (places to eat) (14)
  • What accommodation is available? (places to stay) (13)
  • Other potential projects in process of being developed or to be developed (16)
  • How can these tourist attractions be promoted?
    Here the focus was on Websites & Social Media, Brochures & Maps and where they are located or could be sited or improved.

This first meeting of the tourism group have an amazing list to work from and chances are more will be added as we go onward, but they are not daunted by the tasks, setting some priorities helping them to be able to see a way forward.

Mel has now constructed an “Action Plan” to tackle the work. The plan has focused on dividing up the work with four ‘Major Priorities’ to start with, and then another eighteen listed as ‘Other Actions’.

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